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Want to Beat The Algorithm? Try an Email List!

Steph is joining us today to talk about all things email. Why do you need an email list? Here are her top three reasons: 

Well for starters, you own it. 100%! Every email that you collect, it’s yours. You are not dependent upon another platform or algorithm. If something changes on a social media platform, it could take a big cut of your engagement. New features are always rolling out on social media, and if you are basing your company in those areas, you have no guarantee of stability. 

Second, with an email list, you get a much bigger bang for your buck! On average, a social media platform gets about 1% of engagement, while an email list averages around 15-20%. Imagine if you had 10,000 followers, that means only 100 people will see your social media content on average. With an email list, that’s 1500-2000 people. 

And finally, people are much more conditioned to buy from an email. While scrolling through social media, we often scroll right through ads without a second thought. With an email list, your customers have opted in to receive your promotional emails. They are conditioned to buy. Think of the times you have purchased something online, was it from an email?

7 Proven Methods to Grow Your Email List

I have my list, how do I grow it? 

Sometimes it can be overwhelming to start from a small list, or even no list at all. Even growing by one subscriber a week can reap big rewards! Here are a few small things you can do to grow your list: 

  1. Create an opt-in. Whether that’s on Facebook, a website, or anywhere else, set up your opt-in. All email platforms offer the option to create one. Giving your customers, subscribers, or followers the option to receive a newsletter from you is the best place to start. We recommend using MailChimp if you’re just starting out! It’s a free platform (up to a certain amount of subscribers) and is extremely easy to navigate. 
  2. Add Value. Encourage them to sign-up by offering something in return. Make it exclusive, send a freebie, or offer a deal to your email subscribers. We love how Albion Fit offers a VIP Experience with early access to their new arrivals. 
  3. Start an email series. No need to create a product! Just create a series of emails such as 5 Days to Learn How to Read, 5 Days of Slow Cooker Recipes, 10 Days of Hairstyles, or anything else related to your content. You can reuse content you’ve already created, whether on your website, or social media. Just organize and re-send. Chances are most people have not seen it on your social channels and will be willing to sign-up to get it all sent to them in one place. 

    Don’t have enough content? Create a round-up of links such as “My Favorite YouTube Arm Workouts” or “The Best Freezer Meals” or another round-up of resources. 
  4. Include something in your email that encourages people to share. Example: “If you like this email, send it to a friend!” Just be sure to include a “subscribe” button in your email if you include this option, so anyone who receives it can choose to opt-in too.
  5. REMIND your followers to sign up! Remind them of your opt-in and the value you promise to add to their lives if they subscribe. Even if you’ve mentioned it before, do it again. Set a goal to remind them at least once a week. (Remember that social media algorithm? It won’t be too much to remind them often!).
  6. Gather emails at check-out. If you are in the e-commerce space, make sure you are collecting their email addresses and giving them the option to opt-in to your email list. They are already a customer, and chances are they will buy again. That’s who you want on your list!
  7. Collaborate with someone with a similar audience. Find someone with a lead magnet that you know your audience will love. Mention each other and offer your audience an opt-in to their email list as well. Remember you are adding value to your customers, and this is something they will find helpful! 

Today’s Action Item

Choose ONE thing we mentioned above this week to improve that list! 

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