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Stop. Start. Continue.

Stop. Start. Continue. Quarterly review process

Our Quarterly Review Process.

Stop. Start. Continue. Three little words, but a powerful process that will help you analyze what is working, what isn’t, and what you need to do to change (or not change).

It can be really hard to review your company – but when you have a plan and a process in place, it makes it a lot easier. This practice is one of our favorite ways to evaluate how things are going every quarter.

From products we offer, to systems we have in place, what we’re spending money on, what’s going well, and what needs to change – it helps us evaluate them all.

Here’s how we use the Stop Start Continue process in our business.

  1. We list out everything that’s going on in our company. You can get really specific, or you can do a few broad themes. For Six Sisters’ Stuff, we generally break it down into each “lane” of our business. This would be Meal Plans, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, YouTube, Blog Content/SEO, and Products (both digital and physical).
  2. We look into the data we have on each lane. Look at popular posts, videos, page views, conversion rates, time involved, revenue, expenses, the whole shebang. After reviewing the data, then we move on to step three.
  3. STOP. What do we need to STOP doing? Is there something that’s sucking up all of our time with very little return? Maybe something that as managers we need to hand off to a VA or agency. Maybe it’s time to discontinue a product or process that is complicated, messy, or has very little return for the amount of time we’re investing in it.
  4. START. This is where we look for holes in our strategy. Is there a missing piece that we should be working on? Is there something else we could do to add value to our offer? Maybe we need to start a process that will make it more seamless and get everyone on the same page. What does Susan, our avatar, need that we are missing?
  5. CONTINUE. Now it’s time to CELEBRATE the things that are going right. The last launch you did that really performed. That conversion rate that increased by 2%. Maybe the lead magnets that are CRUSHING it. Take a moment to really appreciate and praise the things that are going well.

We generally do this at the end of every quarter, although our Q4 meeting that discusses this is generally where we make the biggest changes and celebrate our wins the most.

If you want to hear a few things we are going to stop, start, continue doing in our business in 2022, be sure to listen to the Start-Up Spark Podcast episode 35: Stop, Start, Continue.


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