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Back to the Basics of Social Media

We’re cutting out all the fluff and going back to the basics. Kendra is the social media expert on our team and she’s here to tell us where it’s worth spending our time on social media and introducing the serve and sell method that has proven successful time and time again. Whether you’re a social media expert, or just getting started, this episode is for you!

Back to The Basics of Social Media

Why is it important to have a presence on social media? 

Social media is exactly what it sounds like, a place to be SOCIAL. It’s a great place to socialize with your customers! It’s a free way to communicate, relate, and connect to those you are selling with. Gaining a relationship with your audience is going to be key in growing your business. Are you more likely to buy a product that a family member has recommended to you, or a stranger? 

Where should someone starting out with their business, spend the most time on social media?

It’s important to know WHO your audience is, and WHERE they are. Use your analytics to see when they are online, and which platform they are using. If you have a business page on Instagram or Facebook, you have access to something called Creator Studio. It’s a great place to check your analytics, and keep things organized for both your Facebook and Instagram pages. 

How do you know what content you should be posting?

It’s important to remember that you are using your channels to build trust and serve your customers. Serve them five times before you sell to them once. Keep the content true to you and your values. They are there for you and what you have to offer. Show them how to use your products, keep things natural and don’t be afraid to share other helpful things outside of your business. 

Once you know who your ideal customer is, creating content for them will be simple! Make sure to head to Episode 1 to hear how we narrowed down our avatar! 

What is the best way to engage with your audience?

The algorithms are always changing on social media. But your customer service, responses, and connection with your customers does not have to change. Let them know you are grateful to have them here. Take a few minutes each day to engage with and respond to your followers. Create a core audience who will continue to engage even if an algorithm changes. Offer them the chance to make suggestions and provide input and feedback to what they might want to see on your profile. 

How do you get more followers?

This is our most asked question when it comes to social media. Your followers on one social platform will not define your business’s success. If you have one follower, you have an influence. 100 loyal and engaged customers and followers is going to be much more beneficial to your business than 1000 followers just watching on the sideline. 

Avoid the shortcuts of buying followers, constant giveaways, and other “quick growing” strategies. Quality over quantity applies here to the customers and followers in your business. 

Today’s Action Item: 

Make sure to set up your social media accounts on all social media platforms. Even if you do not plan to use them! It’s important to secure the name of your brand or business so that you do not run into any issues down the road. 

Show up, and be consistent! 

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