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12 Steps to Identify Your Perfect Customer

When it comes to your business, you need to know who your audience is. The ideal way to do that is to create an avatar that represents your perfect follower and customer.

For the longest time, we looked at the demographics of our audience as a whole- we knew our audience was 95% women between the ages of 25-44, we knew that they had 2-3 children, we knew that they had at least some college schooling and where they lived. But in the past few years, we really made our avatar personal and it has made all the difference.

Your avatar represents your perfect customer and is everything you want that perfect customer to be. They become the person that you post for, share content for, create courses or products for, and serve every day through your business. Your business is the answer to your avatar’s prayers – you are exactly what they are looking for.

12 Steps to Identify Your Perfect Customer with Camille of Six Sisters Stuff and Start-Up Spark

Meet Susan, the Six Sisters’ Stuff Avatar

Our avatar – our perfect customer – is Susan. She is 34 years old, married, mom of 3. Her kids are 12, 9, and 6 years old. She lives just outside of Dallas, TX. She is a dental hygienist by day, mom and wife by night. Her household’s average annual income is just below $100k. She loves to read, but doesn’t have as much time as she wants to do it. Her guilty pleasure is watching the Bachelor after her kids go to bed. She has a goal to run a marathon and pay off all her student loan debt. She doesn’t mind cooking, but doesn’t have much time to do it. She wants to eat more dinners at home, all together as a family. She is always looking at Pinterest for new recipes, but sticks to her tried-and-true favorites that she knows her family will eat. She wishes she had more time to spend with her husband and her kids – she sometimes feels overwhelmed. 

Here’s the thing – Susan isn’t even a real person. We completely made her up. In my mind, I know exactly what Susan looks like. She is so real to me – and in real life, I would probably want to be her friend. She may not be real, but there are plenty of people out there that are similar to Susan, and they are our perfect customer. 

Determine the Avatar for your business

Now it’s time to hone in on YOUR perfect customer. Who is your avatar? We’ve got 12 questions to help you narrow it down! 

Click here to get your FREE 12 question guide to your ideal client!  

Now that you know exactly who your avatar is and what they are about, creating content for your business is simple – ask yourself “Is this something that would help Susan?” or “Is this something that Susan would want?” or “Would Susan buy this?”

If the answer is yes, you are on the right track. If the answer is no, make the shift you need and make it something that your avatar would love.

Today’s Action Item

Find and create the avatar for your business. We know it will help you in your business as you create content and products. 

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