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Know Your Ideal Customer and Transform Your Business

If you know your Ideal Customer, it should affect most of the decisions in your business.

From the messaging you use, to the products you sell, to where you spend your time marketing – it all goes back to WHO your ideal customer is.

When you get really specific about who it is that you’re selling to, it has the power to transform your business.

“It is often a very transitional moment when business owners first discover who their ideal client is. Business owners operate their companies for years without truly knowing who their ideal audience is, questioning why the sales process always remains so hard and why it never seems to flow.”

Rebecca Patterson, Seven Ways to Identify Your Ideal Client, FORBES

After years of feeling exactly as Rebecca described, we FINALLY got really specific about who are ideal customer was. I’ll tell you right now – it was transformational.

Instead of selling what we THOUGHT they wanted, we shifted to giving them exactly what they were asking for…

Want to know what happened?

Since implementing hyper focus on our perfect avatar we’ve grown 25%, year over year. Even through a global pandemic and a recession.

How can knowing your ideal customer change your business?

Great question. I’d love to tell you.

As previously mentioned, knowing your perfect client will affect almost every business decision you make. Here’s a few ways knowing who they are will make you more money:

  1. Lower cost of customer acquisition. If you know where your customers hang out, it means you know where to acquire MORE of them. The more specific you can get on where they spend their time, the more targeted you can make your ads – which generally ends up in lower cost per customer.
  2. Create products that your customer WANTS to buy from you. When you give your customer exactly what they want, they’re going to buy from you!
  3. Introduce other products they might need. Even if it doesn’t come from you, if you know your ideal customer inside and out, you can know what OTHER types of products they are looking for – and become an affiliate. Some affiliate programs offer up to a 40% cut, which ads up quickly.
  4. Personalized messaging. More powerful messaging = higher converting sales pages and more sales. To personalize your message, get into the mind of your customer using the question box or survey trick. Ask them “what problems do you have when it comes to ______” or “What is the HARDEST part about ______”. Then take the answers to those questions and use them in your messaging. They’ll think you’re literally reading their mind.
  5. Repeat customers. It’s a LOT easier (and cheaper) to sell to an existing customer than it is to find a new one. Create that perfect complementary or product or service and watch your average cart value and return customers go up.

Want to read more about finding the perfect client? Check out this article.

If you need help identifying your ideal customer, grab our free worksheet! It will help you get more specific about who you serve so you can transform your business.

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