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How We Made Money in 2021: Revenue Breakdown

Ever wonder how Six Sisters’ Stuff makes money? Well, buckle up because we’re sharing our revenue breakdown for 2021.

But, before we dig in to the fun part, we wanted to clarify something. The percentages shared here are a percentage of gross revenue (so our revenue before expenses).

We’re also going to share what our net profit margin is, which is the percentage of revenue left after all expenses have been deducted from sales.

We wanted to clarify because there are a lot of people out there who make claims of 7-figure a year earnings who have incredibly high expenses for labor and cost of goods sold and advertising. They may be making seven figures, but they spent 999,000 dollars to get there – and that doesn’t mean much at all.

Revenue Breakdown Percentages

Making over 7-figures a year, here are the different streams of revenue we have that bring in money.

Revenue breakdown pie chart. 2% miscellaneous, 2% sponsored content, 7% physical products, 12% Video, 25% Digital products, and 52% advertising

This is content across all channels, from Instagram to YouTube to Facebook (we have over 4 million combined followers) and our website.

As a note, sponsored content is not something we focus on or even like doing. This is one area we have scaled back a LOT because of how time intensive the work can be. We know that we can make more money in less time if we focus on other areas.

Miscellaneous – 2%

This is revenue from affiliates, facebook, and other small projects. It doesn’t make up a huge portion of our revenue, but again – this is not really an area we put much focus or effort into.

Physical Products – 7%

This is always the one people are most surprised by, seeing as we have released 10 cookbooks. Most people assume that is where most of our money comes from.

Sadly, even with selling 500,000 cookbooks over the last few years, it’s still a very small percentage of our revenue. We make a small fraction of a percentage of every book sold.

Video – 12%

This is the revenue that mainly comes from our YouTube ads. We have one sister, Kristen, whose entire full-time job is to run our YouTube channel.

It is a lot of hands-on work, and it has taken 4 years to reach this point, but as you can see, it is a good little chunk of money.

Digital Products – 25%

This includes our cooking course and meal plan subscription, which are both completely digital. The great thing about these two sources is they take minimal time and effort to maintain.

We’ve mastered the 80/20 rule in this area, because we spend probably less than 20% of our time fine-tuning or adding content, and 80% of the time just marketing the heck out those products to sell them.

Advertising – 52%

Last, we have our largest chunk of our revenue breakdown. This is solely advertising that is on our website.

There’s a lot of things we could say about how we got it to this point, but we drive a lot of traffic to our website by focusing on our SEO strategy and also from pinterest. People think pinterest is dead, but honestly, it’s just a huge, curated search engine and it seems to be very underrated when it comes to driving traffic.

Revenue Breakdown: Profit Margin

Like we said before, 7-figures doesn’t mean much if your profit margin is minimal. When it comes to our profit margin, this is where our business really shines.

Average net profit margins, depending on the industry, range from 5% – 20% (poor – good). Because a lot of what we do is digital and has minimal costs associated with it, our net profit margin in 2021 was 42%.

So there you have it – the Six Sisters’ Stuff revenue breakdown in 2021. If you want to see our revenue breakdown in 2020, check out this podcast episode.

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