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From Hobby to Successful Business

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Want to know how we took Six Sisters’ Stuff from a small hobby to a successful business?

Obviously, like most successful businesses, it didn’t happen overnight. In fact, it took years of showing up and constant work to get it to this point 11 years later.

If you’re looking for a quick fix or a “get rich quick” situation, we can’t help you with that 😉.

However, if you want to know how we built a solid business foundation and turned what a lot of people referred to as ‘little blog’ into a 7-figure a year empire, that we CAN do.

Here are the six things we did that helped us grow from hobby to successful business

More than one revenue stream

Can you create a successful business with only one revenue stream? Absolutely.

But, with how quickly things change in the online world, one revenue stream won’t make a successful business that will last.

Once we established a solid first revenue stream (for us, it was advertising revenue), then we started adding more.

Now, over the last decade, we have diversified our business to the point where we have 5 fully functioning revenue streams that all bring in 6+ figures a year.

Investing in Coaching/Consulting

We were always a little skeptical of how much help a business coach would be, but let us tell you – it’s worth it!

Once we started to seek out coaching in each of our prospective areas, we were able to see success faster.

Bringing in outside consultants to help us make big decisions and move our company forward was huge. They allowed us to think about what our customers needed, so we could set aside personal feelings and make the best decisions for the future of our company.

We truly feel like this was the golden ticket that helped us pushed through a lot of mental blocks and fears that were holding us back.

Narrowing down our ideal customer

Once we got SUPER specific about who we serve (you can check that out here), we saw a big shift in our conversion rates.

We stopped introducing new things that WE thought our customer wanted. Instead, we did a lot of research and started producing products and services that our ideal customer truly desired.

You could see that when we made that distinction, we started to sell a lot more.

Focused on growing our email list

Social media is important in 2022, obviously, but when you focus on using social media to grow your email list it becomes even more powerful.

We decided to make it a point to use social media to generate email leads because we knew it was a better use of our limited time. We knew that we could sell more and with less outward effort via email (and we were NOT wrong).

By growing a dedicated, engaged email list, we can now make 3-4x from an email than we do from a social media post (and our social media followings are LOT larger than our email list!).

Streamlined our processes

This is still something we are actively working on as we scale our business.

With each new process we put in place, the less hands-on time we have to spend IN our business so we can spend time ON our business. It frees up our time for creating new products and finding a path for the future of our business so it can continue to grow.

Where none of us has a degree in business, this has been one of our biggest pain points (and one we’ve needed a lot of outside help with).

But, we now have processes for sponsored content, independent contractor onboarding, payments, reimbursements, quarterly business evaluations, content creation, and even decision making. It cuts down on questions, mistakes, and allows us to hand off projects in a more timely manner.


This is one of the HARDEST things to do, especially in the first stages when you’re moving from hobby to successful business – being CONSISTENT.

The biggest indicator of success we’ve found is whether or not people continue to SHOW UP. This is the thing that has helped us outlast so many others in our industry who have come and gone.

We show up. Every day. Through marriages, pregnancies, heartbreak, tough times, fun times. Through everything – we have never stopped showing up.

Could we learn better business boundaries? Definitely. 😂

But as an entrepreneur, if you can continue to show up, continue to work, and continue to serve your customer, that’s what will set you apart. It’s what will take you from a hobby to a full-fledged business.

Is there anything you’d add to this list? Anything you want to know?

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