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Email Ideas for Your List

So you’ve started collecting emails, but now you need email ideas!

Well, once you have an email list, it’s important to keep in contact with them. In other words, you need to keep them “warm” or “nurture” them as some people like to call it.

We recommend sending AT LEAST one non-sales email a week, which can feel daunting if you can’t think of anything to send!

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When you get in that rut of not knowing what to send, refer to this list. And enter your email below to have it sent straight to your inbox so you can refer to it whenever you want.

Maybe there’s not EXACTLY something on this list that can help you, however, it might help spark an idea of something else you can do.

With 25 ideas, that’s almost half the year if you send one email a week.

These ideas don’t take a ton of time to put into action, but we promise – if you keep that list nice and warm, when it comes to selling or launching, you’ll see greater success.

Here are 25 email ideas you can send to your list today:

  1. Round-up of resources: Create a list of resources your company offers or resources from around the web. 
  2. Re-introduction: Has it been a while since you introduced yourself to your list? Send out an email about you/your company and helpful links to what you have to offer.
  3. Quick Tip: Send a tip like a hack, a trick, or a piece of advice to help your ideal customer.
  4. Highlight a feature of your product or service: does your product have a feature that makes it stand out from the crowd? Make sure your list knows about it and how it can help them.
  5. Show a process: whether that’s how you create a new product, spend your working hours, or package your product, people love to see behind the scenes.
  6. Sneak Peek/Breadcrumb: working on something fun or planning to release something soon? Show a quick sneak preview to build the excitement.
  7. Frequently asked questions and answers: find yourself answering a lot of the same questions over and over again? Type them up, along with the answers, and send them to your list and it may just help some of them overcome their reluctance to buy.
  8. Common mistakes or misconceptions about your industry: Are some of your products always used incorrectly? Maybe people make assumptions about what you offer. Set the record straight (just be sure to do it in a kind way).
  9. Share a round-up of favorites: whether it’s things relating to your industry, top-sellers, or what’s inspiring you lately, people love to know what you love.
  10. Newsletter: this is a great way to spotlight what you’ve been up to lately, including helpful links to new material or products.
  11. Survey or feedback email: this may be a big ask (so do it sparingly), but feedback from your customers is INVALUABLE. Use it to test the waters for new products, or see how you can improve current offers.
  12. Unexpected freebie: this is a real treat for followers, and a great way to make someone’s day. Try a no-strings-attached free download like an ebook or checklist.
  13. Exclusive discount or promo: send a thank you to your email subscribers by offering an email-exclusive discount or promo (like a free gift with purchase).
  14. Thought or personal message: if your audience needs a little pick-me-up or maybe even a kick in the pants, don’t be afraid to send out a heartfelt message to your subscribers.
  15. Giveaway: another great way to say thank you to those subscribers – giveaway something fun! From gift cards to products to free consultations, the options are endless.
  16. Share testimonials or reviews: highlight the positive things people have to say about you or your company. Sharing honest reviews and testimonials is a great way to encourage people who haven’t made the plunge to purchase yet that it will be worth their investment. Don’t have any testimonials or reviews? You’ll want to do email idea number #11 first.
  17. Hard sell: pick ONE product or service and send out an email all about it with a link to purchase.
  18. Announcement: have you added something or someone new to your business? Let your customers know!
  19. Tell your story or your “why” behind your business: this will let them connect with you on a personal level. Let your customers know what drives you to continue to create and serve them.
  20. “Did you see __________”: Use this opportunity to lead your customers to another platform (podcast, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook Group, etc). Link to the specific post, video, or episode that you want them to go check out.
  21. Team spotlight: who makes your business run? Let your audience get to know your team members!
  22. Photos or videos from your community: Have people used your product/service and shared the picture on social media? This is great content to send out to your email list. Showing your product in a non-staged way from actual customers makes it more real. (Quick tip: don’t forget to ask permission first.)
  23. Thank you: your customers feel more appreciated when you recognize them – because your business wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for them! Send a quick thank you for supporting you, for being here, for selling out your product, etc. This is great combined with idea #13, too.
  24. Collab or spotlight another business/influencer: find another person or company that you know your community would love. Bonus points if you can even add in some links to resources that person may offer, as well.
  25. Opportunities: not your everyday email, but if you’re hiring, hosting an event, or supporting a charity. Let your list know of current opportunities that are available through your company.

More email ideas

In short, we promise you that investing time in nurturing your list pays DIVIDENDS (like, seriously – 2-3x what focusing on social media can do!).

So if you’ve got limited time on your hands, this is a great place to spend it.

Be sure to follow along for more email ideas @startupsparkco or listen to this podcast episode.

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