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Here’s What Consistency Can Do For Your Business

Starting and owning your own business is not for the faint of heart. If you are serious about growing a business, consistency is going to be the name of the game. Camille’s here to tell us just how important showing up consistently can be. We’ll show you what it looks like for us in our business, and how you can implement the same habits in your own.

What Consistency Can Do For Your Business

The definition of Consistency: acting in the same way over time; unchanging over time; reliable; steady

Consistency means something different for everyone. You might be committing to post content every day, sending out an email weekly, or continuing to show up even on days you might not feel like it. If you are serious about making your business grow, then you need to get serious about being consistent.

Some people choose a “Word of the year” and for 2021, my word is “consistent”. I have learned that with all the BIG growth that I have made in my life, it comes from small consistent acts. Weight loss after babies – i had to consistently make small healthy choices every day because crash diets didn’t work for me. With my spiritual connection with God, I had to consistently read my scriptures, pray and meditate for a little bit each day. With my relationship with my husband, I had to make a little time to connect with him each day to strengthen our connection.

And with my business, I have had to show up consistently everyday to make it successful.

Over the years, I have worked with and consulted with many different business owners. It is so fun to see them get so excited about their new business and generate so many ideas and go all-in at the beginning. But I find that after a month or so, that excitement starts to wear thin and the monotony of growing a business becomes hard and overwhelming at times. Many people only make a few months before they realize they aren’t cut out for this work.

I remember once I had a girl that I had been working with on her blog and gave her a whole plan to follow to turn that blog into a business. After about 3 months, she came to me frustrated and said “Why am I not making thousands of dollars a month? Do I really have to keep this up?”

Starting and owning your own business isn’t for the faint of heart. If you are serious about growing a business, consistency is going to be the name of the game.

How Consistency Grew Six Sisters’ Stuff:

For us, Six Sisters’ Stuff didn’t start to make money from our blog until we had been going for 10 months. That first month that we saw anything, I am pretty sure we only made about $10. But, we kept going. We had goals and we knew what we wanted to do. We continued to post content, we continued to market that content, and we continued to educate ourselves about how to turn this little hobby into a business.

“It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It’s what we do consistently,” 

Anthony Robbins.

Let’s talk about how you show up consistently and what it looks like for us:

  • Where do you publish this content? Pick your platform. Wherever your audience is and wherever you can best serve your customer. 
  • Publish content frequently. Decide at the beginning what your schedule is going to be (maybe that’s M, W, F that you have new content come out, maybe it’s one day a week, maybe it’s twice a month). Now stick to that schedule. Make it a non-negotiable deadline.
  • Give it a year of dedicated consistency. Business growth can be slow, but slow and steady will ALWAYS win the race over some “flash in the pan” company. At the end of the year, reevaluate how things are going and if you are reaching the goals that you set for yourself.
  • Create content. At Six Sisters’ we focus a lot of SEO and updating and republishing old content, putting out new content (but maybe only 1/5 of what we did years ago). As soon as content goes live, we push it out on all our social media channels – IG, FB, Pinterest, YouTube, FB groups, email, etc. We do this every single day. I don’t remember the last day that we didn’t have some type of content go out? (thank goodness for scheduling tools – we are able to schedule things in advance).

Today’s Action Item:

What is consistency going to look like for you? Decide what you can do (don’t be afraid to push yourself, but also don’t set a schedule that is going to burn you out quickly) and then hold yourself accountable. Maybe even have an accountability partner that will hold you to it. It’s up to you to make this happen – and consistency is the key.

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