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As sisters we started our blog Six Sisters’ Stuff in 2011 as a way to simply stay in touch. After realizing that people were interested in the things we were sharing, we began monetizing our content through a few basic Google ads. Over the past years, we’ve grown our tiny part-time hobby into a successful 7-figure empire, but not without a lot of trial and error.

Camille, Lauren, Kendra, Steph, and Kristen of Startup Spark and Six Sisters Stuff

We’ve been in the trenches. We’ve done the hard work, the not so fun work, and have experienced work that has failed. We’ve tried things that weren’t successful, and we’ve been told “NO” more times than we can count.

But among those hard lessons, we’ve seen a lot of success. We’ve seen blog posts, Pinterest pins, videos, and other content go viral on the internet. We landed a book deal, and then another one, and eventually published 10 cookbooks selling over a half million copies worldwide. And in that time, we grew our small social media following to a massive following of millions.

We teamed up with our dream brands and traveled around the nation speaking and teaching others to do the same. We started a blog conference in 2013 called Build Your Blog Conference (BYBC) and helped hundreds of bloggers collaborate, network, and take classes in all areas of marketing, blogging, and small business.

After a few years, our schedules got a little too crazy and we no longer had time to continue our Build Your Blog Conference. We found ways to continue to teach and share our experiences through speaking and consulting, but a small part of us knew we would come back to teaching eventually. 

And in March of 2021, we finally did. Our business podcast and educational branch of our company, Start-Up Spark, launched last year, and we felt like we were coming home to our one true love – helping small businesses succeed. 

As we continue to grow Start-Up Spark and scale Six Sisters’ Stuff, we continue to share what we learn. We hope that our experiences can spare you from some of the lessons that we’ve had to learn the hard way. Helping small business owners and influencers reach that next level through nailing their marketing strategy is what truly lights us up. We are so excited you’re here and we hope that what we share will help you ignite the spark in your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find your podcast?

Our podcast can be found on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts.

What guides do you offer?

Stay tuned! Guides are on the way and we can’t wait to help you ignite that spark!

Do you have any experience teaching?

YES! We have taught for years. We even hosted a blog conference for a few years, teaching hundreds of people how to grow their businesses. Through the years we have also continued to present, continue our education, and consult for multiple companies.

What services do you offer?

To learn more about our consulting and services, click here.

Where can I sign up for your email list?

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How can I be a guest on your podcast?

Fill out the application to be on our podcast and we’ll be in touch soon! Find it here.


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