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6 Tips for Better Product Photos

6 Easy Tips for Better Product Photos
Cookbook Image Courtesy of Michele Lee Photo

If you want better product photos, we can help with that.

We live in a visual world – and photos are SO important when creating a strong brand image and selling what you offer to your ideal customer.

Did you know we took all of our own photos for ALL 10 of our cookbooks? I’m not saying we’re professionals by any means, but we’ve learned a lot about photography over the last decade.

The thing is, you don’t NEED to be a professional to have good product images.

We were able to grow our business to the size it is today without any hired out photography at all (although, we did start outsourcing it last year and WOW! What a load off our shoulders).

Here are 6 tips we’ve learned for BETTER product photos.

  • Keep track of brand images you love. Screenshot images from your favorite brands on Instagram or pin them to a Pinterest board. Take notes about what you like and why you like the photos. Then, refer back to them when you’re brainstorming what shots you want for a product.
  • Tripods are your best friend. Seriously, we understand wanting the close-up shot on the move, but with product photography to get the best result, get a tripod to make sure your pictures turn out nice and clear every time.
  • Set up your shot. Before you take even one photo, make sure you have everything you need. Props, lighting, tripod, people, backgrounds, the whole shebang, so you don’t have to worry where something is mid-shoot. Have an idea of what type of shots you’re going to take of each product.
  • Shoot several poses. The worst feeling in the world is when you go to edit your photos and one of the poses just looks weird. Shoot your product in different ways and at different angles. This will give you the best options to choose when selling the product. It will also help your customer see it in different ways and one image may resonate more with them than another.
    • Try shooting from overhead
    • Take a photo from eye level, just slightly above eye level, and below eye level
    • See how your product looks from a side angle
    • Shoot close up and far away
  • Show how your customer will use the final product. A flat lay can be really cute, but SHOW your product in action. Show your clothes on a person, show your pillow being placed on a bed. People like to see movement, other people, and what their life will look like if they buy your product.
  • Touch up your photos. It doesn’t need to be complicated and you don’t want to go overboard, here. But, always touch up your photos and make sure they’re in the format you need (jpeg, tiff, png, etc). Use a free simple photo editing software like canva or picmonkey to get the job done.

Better Photos Convert To Sales

The great thing is that when you spend more time creating better photos, it can honestly convert to higher sales.

Want proof? Check out these posts from our friends Kaelynn Priest and Alison Prince.

Brand photography matters. Take the steps you need to up your brand photography game and get more sales!

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